Harnessing Free Energy from the Sun

One of the most notable achievements of the century which is seemingly under-appreciated is the technology to harness solar energy. It may have been unappealing in the beginning due to its seemingly inefficient collection and output ratio. Harnessing solar energy initially required a ridiculously large surface area to collect energy that's not particularly impressive. These days, collecting solar energy has become a lot more efficient. The amount of power stored with just a small surface area has improved a lot. On top of that, solar power has also become accessible to normal households thanks to its cost becoming more and more affordable.


It does make sense that homes would use equipment that runs on solar energy as much as they could. The setup isn't as costly, and the upkeep is practically free. On the other hand, there are also a lot of large-scale applications that is becoming quite popular with a lot of companies and communities. Installation of parking lot lights that run on solar energy is becoming a common sight. Street lights are also replacing conventional street lights due to its independence from the power grid, making them not just a good choice from an economic standpoint but also from the perspective of equipment maintenance. Repairing a faulty solar street light or parking lot light doesn't require others in the vicinity to be turned off.


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